What AMVNX does for Students

Step 1: We counsel students, always keeping in mind their ambitions and goals, and their
academic, work and family and financial background. We help students to choose a course
which will suit their needs and desires.

Step 2: After selecting a course and field of study, the next step is choosing a school.

Step 3: Application Preparation (normal program and scholarship)

Step 4: ESL and American Culture Classes

After students complete application forms and waiting for admission decision and I-20, we provide ESL and American Culture classes during the two months prior to departure. This helps students improve their English and cultural knowledge and is highly useful for their visa interview and also for their life in US.

Step 5: Visa Consulting

  • Helping parents and students understand the visa process
  • Assisting students and their parents in preparing student’s visa interview documents
  • Administer mock visa interviews
  • Make sure that all student papers are arranged according to the U.S Embassy requirements.

Step 6: Accommodations and Airport Pick-up
Our sole partner in U.S (AMVN Exchange) will arrange for your accommodation and also airport pick-up services. Your safety and comfort is our priority.

Step 7: New Students Orientation Program
We provide an Orientation Program for new students 1 week after students arrive the U.S to make sure students understand U.S laws for international students and what they should/should not do.

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