Student Testimony

Anh Quan Pham (Union College)

“AECT made it possible for me to come study in the U.S. They helped me apply for schools and scholarships. With these scholarships, I am able to afford my dream of studying in the U.S. They also provided me with a network of great friends who made me feel so welcoming and happy. I love going to school at Union College especially the gym! AECT has always been there for me from the applying process to the adjusting to my new life.”

Hoang Dang (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

“AmVn Exchange helped me connect with other Vietnamese international students here, which made my transition to the U.S. a lot better. As a new graduate student, I am glad that AECT and AmVn Exchange introduced me to other graduate students here so that I could learn from their experience. Even though I have only been here a couple months, I already feel comfortable with life here. I also really enjoy my classes at the university.”

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