Nebraska High School Program

Lincoln, Nebraska: America’s Most Peaceful City!

250,000 people in this safe, family-centered city
A college-town focused around the large university
Swim in the summer, cross-country ski in the winter! Enjoy all four seasons
Ranked as one of the safest cities in the whole United States

High-Quality Private High Schools in Lincoln Nebraska

Great Living Options for Students
– 2-3 students share a room in a fully-equipped, beautiful Victorian house
- Stay near your school with convenient transportation
- Live in a safe, secure building with 24/7 support and security

Scholarships for AMVN Exchange Students
Average costs to educating an international student in Nebraska are $27, 550. However, AMVN Exchange will be able to help our students to get the best options for their education.

1. Scholarship
Every year we offer some great scholarships up to $8,000/ year to our students who will
start studying in the fall semester

2. Admission Requirements
– GPA: >= 7.5
- Applying for grade 8 -11
- SLEP test Score: at least 48
- Pass the in person interview with AMVNX Education Counselor in Vietnam
- Pass the Skype interview with AMVN Exchange High School Admission Board in Lincoln, NE
- Non-refundable application fee of $350

3. Scholarship Requirements
– GPA: >= 8.0
- SLEP test Score: at least 55

4. Deadline for Spring 2014
– Early admission decision: November 15, 2013

Benefits for students who are studying at one of High Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska
- In state tuition rate if you are going to study at one of public Universities in Nebraska
- Scholarships Opportunities: We help you to find scholarships from other Universities/Colleges that are strong at the majors you want to study.

You have options for scholarships! You are in control of your education!!!

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