Chico High School Program

AMVNX is excited to introduce our new Special High School Program in California. This excellent program features several unique advantages while offering affordable tuition for senior high school students.

AMVNX is an American based educational organization specializing in facilitating high quality U.S. educational programs for Vietnamese students. Our dedicated team of educational professionals strives to provide students with the highest quality services to foster students’ academic success. Our partner network is comprised of prestigious U.S. and Vietnamese educational institutions in secondary and higher education. We work diligently to create and deliver the most innovative and superior programs to give our students the best advantages. That’s why we created the Special High School Program in California.

AMVNX worked closely with our partner institutions in California to design the Special High School Program in California in such a way that it will bring great benefits to our students financially and academically. Students selected to join this program will be studying at one of the most beautiful and prestigious public high schools in California. Upon graduating from this program, students will be able to apply for several colleges and universities in the U.S. without needing to come back to Vietnam to apply for another visa. Taking into consideration the excellent quality of the school, the total cost for this program falls into a very affordable range. On top of all these great benefits, AMVMX educators will be there every step of the way to provide support for the students whenever necessary.

The City:

Chico, California

Chico is located at the northeast edge of the Sacramento Valley, one of the richest agricultural areas in the world. The Sierra Nevada Mountains lie to the East, with Chico’s city limits venturing several miles into the foothills. To the west, the Sacramento River lies five miles (8 km) from the city limit. San Francisco is less than a 3 hour drive away from Chico. With the population comprised of more than 80% Caucasian, Chico also provides a great environment for foreign students to immerse in American culture and prepare for U.S. college life.

Chico has a wonderful climate with mostly mild winters. Chico offers several museums, theaters, shopping centers, and natural attractions to help students relax and learn more about American culture.

The School:

Pleasant Valley High School

Pleasant Valley High School is one of the two major public high schools in Chico, California and was named a California Distinguished School for 2007. With a beautiful campus and more than 10 academic departments ranging from business to social science as well as 20 student clubs, Pleasant Valley High School (PVHS) offers the best environment for developing students’ intellectual and leadership excellence. As a major public high school, PVHS is committed to promoting individual student educational success via a sequence of teaching, learning, assessment and support and foster students’ intellectual development through exposure to diverse perspectives and cultures. With less than 2,000 students, PVHS provides each individual student with special attention and continuous support to achieve academic success and be well-prepared for college.

Pleasant Valley High School also proudly offers the world renowned IB (International Baccalaureate) Program to our students. The International Baccalaureate is acknowledged around the world for providing challenging programs and rigorous assessment through high quality curriculum for over forty years. IB is an integrated program of study which emphasizes concurrency of learning, internationalism, academic integrity, breadth and depth of study, and education of the whole person. Originally designed in 1967 as a course of study for international schools, the excellence of the IB program has been proven and accepted by more than 113 countries. The IB program includes college level courses. At PVHS, students in IB program may receive up to one year of college credit and advanced standing based on their diploma score. Out of nearly 30,000 high schools in the U.S., only 778 schools are certified to deliver IB programs.

Chico, California offers the best learning environment for our students because most of the population is Caucasian American, which gives our students the best opportunity to learn about American culture and improve their English skills. Additionally, the city is close to many famous tourist and cultural attractions such as Sacramento and San Francisco. The weather in Chico is wonderful with sunny summers and warm winters.

Program Selection Criteria

The Special High School program is a very selective program. Only qualified students will be selected to join our program. There are a limited number of spots available each fall for grade 12 students only.


1. Current grade 11 students, planning to study grade 12 at Chico.
2. GPA: minimum 8.0
3. TOEFL Score
4. In-person interview with our representative in Vietnam
5. Skype interview with Program Selection Committee
6. Essay

Living Arrangements

Through the sponsorship of AMVNX, a host family will be provided. Students living with a host family will have the best opportunity to learn about American culture and improve English skills. Also, the host family will help the students feel welcome and at home. Host parents provide adult supervision and guidance to ensure each student’s academic success and safety.

Visa Type/Diploma

F1. Students with an F1 visa will be able to apply to college after graduating from high school without the need to go back to Vietnam to apply for another visa (as is the case with J1 visa). Students will receive a full U.S. high school diploma when they graduate.

Cost of attendance

Regular total costs for an international student to study at an IB School (school and host-family costs) in California: $38,750.


• Application fee: $650 (non-refundable)
• Tuition and fees for an academic year, including host family fees & monthly payment: $38,750 (9 months)
• Scholarship up to $16,000
• Duration: 1 academic year in high school (from August to May)
• Start date: Fall 2014

How to Apply

Step 1: Fill out the application form and pay application fee of $650 with all required documents ( transcripts in English and Vietnamese, English test score report (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEFL Jr, SLEP), an essay with maximum of 500 words, Letter of recommendation from one of your teachers)
After we receive all required documents we will process your application. If you are qualified to be a candidate of our program, then we will proceed to the next steps

Step 2: In-person interview with the program representative in Vietnam

Step 3: Final Interview through phone/ Skype with our Program Selection Committee

Admissions Decision

We will send out the admission letters to qualified students 2 weeks after reviewing your application documents. If you agree to join our program, you need to sign acceptance papers and make a non-refundable deposit of $5000 within 2 weeks of receiving your admission letter. You will get the official admission letters and I20 from the school at the end of April.

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