Tại sao bạn nên chọn trường nội trú?

Reasons to go to Boarding School

1. You will get teachers who are passionate about teaching
Boarding schools traditionally hire well-qualified teachers who are specialists in their chosen subject. You will find they are passionate about educating young people and they love to teach. As discipline is seldom an issue in boarding school, teachers are able to teach without having to police student behavior.

2. You will love the sports facilities
Most boarding schools have excellent sports facilities and the range of sports on offer can be mind-boggling. You are likely to find a swimming pool, fitness rooms and playing fields where you will be able to enjoy everything from fencing to hockey and football/soccer to basketball.

3. You will find great arts facilities
Theater, drama, dance, music, fine arts will all be on the bill at boarding school. If you are musical or artistic, you will relish the boarding school environment where your talent will be nurtured and developed. Many schools have impressive arts centers and beautiful chapels with fine pipe organs. Choirs are common, orchestras abound and you will be encouraged to make your style of music.

4. You will get to live away from home
Leaving home is never easy, but living at boarding school is an opportunity not to be missed. You will grow-up faster and learn to better cope in a community where your peers are going though the same experiences. It’s always worth remembering that you will be supported by caring teachers and your parents are only a phone call or an email away.

5. You will be stretched academically
You will be attending a boarding school where academic standards and student performance will be of the highest standard. So you will be expected to work a lot harder than you would in a state school. You can also expect a lot more homework but you will soon appreciate that learning can be fun.

6. You will be surrounded by students who want to be at boarding school
You will find your fellow students are in boarding school because they want to be there. They have chosen boarding school because they want to learn and gain the best qualifications. As most schools are selective about who they admit, it’s important you are prepared to work hard in class and play hard out of it.

7. Libraries & media centers are well-stocked
The older, more established schools have traditional library facilities which in many cases are fabulously equipped. A typical boarding school library will have the latest computing technology in addition to a vast array of books and print material.

8. You will learn to be self responsible
Students at boarding school tend to mature quickly and rubbing along with other students is a vital skill you will learn. Along the way you will pick up many social skills which will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

You will also make lots of lasting friendships and you will build an extensive contact network which will be valuable in adulthood.

9. Classes will be small
In public schools class sizes can be up to 40. Not at boarding school. Classes typically are 10-15 students. That means you get more personal attention from teachers and you will be encouraged to participate.

10. It’s alright to be smart.
At boarding school it’s cool to be smart. Everyone is there because they want to learn so it’s alright to be top of the class.

Five Facts about Boarding School Life

Some findings in a recent study of boarding students by the Art & Science Group offer compelling support for these central advantages.

The Academic Promise – It’s no surprise that more than 60% of students enroll in boarding schools because of the promise of better education. More than 90% of students said they find their schools academically challenging, and the figures back it up: boarding school students spend more than twice as many hours as non-boarding students per week on homework than their peers in public schools (17 hours compared with 8 hours for non-boarding)

24-Hour Learning – Thanks to the unique and encouraging campus environment boarding schools provide, students are tremendously active outside the classroom.. Boarding school students participate in more extracurricular activities than other students, whether it is exercising and playing sports (12 hours compared to 9 hours for non-boarding), engaging in creative endeavors like music and painting (6 hours compared to 4-5 hours for non-boarding), or participating in student government and club activities (35% compared to 27%).

Learning to Lead – One distinctive characteristic of boarding schools is that character development counts as much as academics. The environment—in which teachers live among their students, and students live away from home—lends itself to the cultivation of self-discipline and independent thought. Leadership opportunities also emerge. More than three quarters of boarding school students say they have been given leadership opportunities, a far higher percentage than public and private non-boarding school students. At the same time, students gain the distinct advantage of regular interaction with their teachers outside of the academic setting.

College Ready – It is almost universally acknowledged that boarding school environments—through the balance of greater mentor guidance and greater personal responsibility—deliver graduates to university with an unequaled level of preparation. Eighty seven percent of graduates concur, while nearly 80% added that they were equally prepared for the non-academic aspects of college life, including independence, social life, and time management.

Getting Ahead – Beyond college, boarding school graduates are most often professionally accomplished and philanthropically active adults. By mid-career, more boarding school graduates achieve top management positions with more frequency than students from other schools. More impressively, 60% of alumni give to social service organizations, compared with 46% of all others.


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